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What is SPSS? SPSS stands for Statistical Package for Social Sciences(SPSS) and is very robust software package used for Statistics and data analysis.

According to a Datarmatics Researcher, Dr. Nduka Wonu, SPSS is very useful in the analysis of educational data whereas Eviews is more suitable in the analysis of data from social sciences research. The step-by-step instructions in data analysis usis SPSS is easier than that of Eviews which uses precoded data in spreadsheet format.

In most cases, Eviews requires that user to enter the preferred equations for data analysis.while most of such equation can be figured out by SPSS.

According to the SPSS website, SPSS offers the following benefits:

A Variety of Statistical Tools: This means that you can performs your analytical tasks within a single, integrated graphical user interface. You will be able to create excellent graphics such as charts, tables, histograms, decision tools just in one tool. You could also choose to export these objects to other applications such as MS Word and PowerPoint.

Easy Statistical Analytics Made Easy: Ease of use because you have a centralized drag and drop interface that provides you with familiar components such as menu bars, toolbars etc. You would also be able to works with a variaty of data sources. Additionally, you are able to choose between deployment options maybe using for an evaluation period before actually purchasing the application.

Integration With Open Source Apps: SPSS could be integrated with other data science tools such as Python and R by means of special extensions. These can easily be added to SPSS at no cost. This means that you could use SPSS for building unlimited type of models including Maching Learning models.

What is Statistics GradPack?

This is also SPSS package but a single-user license for active students and provide low cost access to key features of SPSS required for student taking courses related to Data Science, Machine Learning and other types of analytics

What is SPSS Modeller? This is a modelling tool which is part of SPSS and provides a GUI for creating models and insights, analytics. Could help in predictive analysis for industry users as an aid for improving the business.

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