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Coordinating theĀ  SDLC of the Saipem Meeting Rooms Reservation System used in Saipem Nigeria. Carried out all the development phases, as well as deployment to production server. Friendly user-interface leverages the power of JQuery and bootstrap. Database backend designed and implemented using MS SQL Server 2008 R2.

This application has been deployed successfully in locations in Nigeria.

Feature of the Meeting Room Booking System are:

Flexibitilty: This feature allows for flexibility in operation and deployment of the application to various platforms. For organization that use SharePoint infrastructure, the Meeting Rooms Reservation System could easily be integrated into as SharePoint app. It could also be deployed to an IIS server runing on a local network or to the cloud.

Time Conflict Detection: The conflic detection and recommendation feature makes it possible for foresee possible clashes in meeting time and give neccessary notification.

Ease of Use: The system requires little or no learnin time as the graphical user interface provide tips that helps user get around in the application.

Ease of Maintenance: Maintenance tasks such as backup an restore could be easily done with few clicks of the mouse

Management of multiple locations: Meeting rooms in multiple locations could be pre-defined in the system and the system would automatically optimize itself to ensure resource-balance-way of meeting rooms usage.

3D Room View: Images of the meeting rooms could be predefined or could be automatically captured, captioned and updated in the course of meetings being held in the meeting rooms. Admins can have a realtime view of the meeting rooms and this would assist in the infrastructure maintenance and asset management as required

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