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We are going to examine the various platforms and operating systems used for mobile application development. Basically we would look at the following:

  1. Window Development
  2. Android App Development
  3. Apple App Development
  4. RIM (Blackberry Devices)

Let's start with the first one. We would examine what is involved in developing apps using any of these platforms.

1. Window Development

This is the platform for development of application that would work on phones that run on Windows Operating System and this is a very interesting development for .Net developers. The reason is that all the tools you need to build windows application could be added as SDKs to Visual Studio. It started with Windows Mobile, then Windows Phone, and then Windows 10. The first two have been discontinued by Microsoft.

2. Android App Development

What is Android Anyway? Android is custmizable free mobile operating system designed for mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, touchscreen devices, smart watches, smart tv and more. Android Studio is a rich Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used for building android applicaitons. It was developed by Google and JetBrains and avaiable for free. Learning to develop application for android devices could take up to 4 weeks to 20 weeks depending on your level of knowledge in application development.

In datarmatics we are currently working on a flexible course outline to help you gain knowledge of android application development in a short time. Find out more

3. Apple App Development

Development of application for apple devices is often refered to as IOS development and you need to own an IOS device, precisely a MacBook to be able to develop XCode application. XCode is the name of the Integrated Development Environment for development of IOS applications.

Developing application in XCode require knowlege of either Objective-C or Swift which are the two languages used for application development for Apple Devices. We acknowledge that a good percentage of our users are windows users and we are currently examining performance issues related with using a Mac Operating system in a virtual machine on windows. You can always visit the search page to get updates on this

4. RIM (Blackberry Devices)

I actually never wanted to include this in the list but I think you just need to know that blackberry applications could also be developed.

The toolset needed for developing application for blackberrry devices is known a Blackberry Development Platform and allows you to design mobile applications that run on blackberry. Some of the components of the platform include:

  • Blackberry Unified Endpoint Manager: Provides for conttorls and flexibility
  • Blackberry Analytics: Provides features for insight and reporting
  • Blackberry Dynamics: Features for functions, services and development environment
  • Blackberry Workspaces: Allows for collaboration
  • BBM Enterprise
  • Blackberry Enterprise Identity

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