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An enterprise application used for management of Enterprise Mobiles Services. This application serves as a web service interface between the corporate organization and the telecoms service provider. This application handles analysis of monthly bills submitted by service providers, keeps track of the user bill, the services activated for a line, status and user-assignment details. It integrates with the Active Directory Services and HR Systems to handle personnel data.

Feautures of the System include:

Integration with existing application: The Enterprise Mobile Lines Managment Sysem provide a feature that moves data accross the six stages of Mobile Enterprise Management model namely:

  • The End User
  • Enterprise Layer
  • Network Operations
  • Network Equipment Support
  • Intelligent Network
  • Enterprise Data Layer

Mobile and Desktop Access: This feature provide for access to the system via both mobile and desktop endpoints. Provides rich user experience from touch-screen devices without any lapse in the full range of usability feature available in the desktop version of the application

Monthly bills analysis: The systems allows users to view both general and tailored-down bills at the end of each recurrent period which is normally 30 days.

Monthly summary reports: Reports that can be generated includes: data usage report, location tracking reports, user call report and lots more

User Calls Analysis: The analysis feature is partly a machine learning-enabled functionality that tends to control the usage of the mobile services. This feature is currently in the beta stage but we hope it would contribute to reducing misuses of vulnerability issues that relate toe mobile services.

Notification System: Automated emails and text messages alert the users and admin the status of the mobile services in terms of certain set treshold. Such may include monthly data cap, or credit limit.

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