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Datarmatics Application Development team is concerned with developing custom application that are aligned to the business needs of the client organization.

We adopt a strategy termed 'we develop together', that allows for the Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) from the inception to the delivery of the final project involves the client.

Some of the project we've worked on and completed in the past 5 years are listed

1. Active-Directory/HR Data Consolidation Project: The CompareDB Application is a Big Data/Data Consolidation project with the objective of matching personnel data in Active Directory with the personnel data in HR Systems. This aids discovery of trends and elimination of inconsistencies.

This Application developed by Kindson The Genius while still in the beta release has been used for data consolidation projects over the years.

Motivation:The development of this application was motivated by the discovery that most of the time, data is duplicated accross multiple systems in an organization. An example is a situation where personal data is maintained in the HR database by the HR department and at the same time user data in the form of user objects is maintained in active directory

In the situation described above, the consolidation system allows for systematic compare and merge of record from both systems based on predefined criteria.

2. Integrated Hospital Information Management Project

3. Meeting Rooms Reservation System

4. PTrack for Fabrication and Construction Projects

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