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In this section, we present a brief descrition of the of the research works carried out by Datarmatics researchers. The researcher provides a explanation of the concept the research is bases on including why the works is relevant as well as the period and area the research was carried out. The researcher could provide a link to the publication if he deems neccessary or could make the publication conditionally available based on our monetization policies

1. Modelling and Simulation of Enterprise Mobile Services Through RESTful Web Services

A closer look at the current trend in technology indicates a shift from the conventional desktops systems to mobile environment. Nowadays, many users or say, employees of organizations now make used of mobile devices such as smart phones, and Personal Digital Assistants. These mobile devices provide more advanced features than the conventional voice calls services. A collection of these services is referred to as Mobile Services.

This research developes two differents models that describe the folow of Mobile Service Delivery from the End User the the Mobility Data store. Read more..

2. Load Sway Prevention and Control In Gantry Cranes Using Fuzzy Logic

This study proposes the use of a fuzzy logic controller to the operation of rotary crane and prevention of load sway.

Fuzzy controllers are used to control a wide range of equipments ranging from consumer products, such as washing machines, video cameras, and rice cookers, as well as industrial processes, such as cement kilns, underground trains, robots and cranes. Fuzzy control is a control method based on fuzzy logic.

This is a research work for analysis of the application of Fuzzy Logic Controller in the control on Load Sway and gantry cranes. Read more...

3. Microsoft Windows Terminal Services – Installation and Configuration of Microsoft Windows 2003 Terminal Server

4. Knowledge and Attitude of Adolescents Towards Sex Education

  • Determing the relationship between attitude and knowledge of adolescents towards sexuality education
  • Determing the level of knowledge of secondary school adolescents towards sex education
  • To determine the impact of socio-demographic characteristics of adolescents on their knowledge of sex education
  • To examine the attitude of secondary school adolescents towards sex education
  • To ascertain the impact of sociodemographic characteristics on the attitude of secondary school adolescents towards sex education.

Dependent Variable - Knowledge: Independent Variable: Attitude

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