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We have already explained what a web-application is in the Website Categories section. But for the purpose of review, we would recap the explanation. A web application traditionally, is a website that communicates with a data store.

Page Processing In Web Application
A web application contains dynamic pages: that is pages whose content are determined at runtime. Such pages are said to have dynamic content that is not known at design time. The content is markup codes that are processed when the pages is accessed and those markup sometimes are codes that access data in a database, such as MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL or any other database.

Dynamic Page Processing
In processing static pages, the browser request a page and the web server serves the page to the browser. But in processing dynamic pages, the Web Server may have to interact with the Application Server and sometimes the Application Server would have to communicate with the Database Server to pull out data from the database. The steps could be summarized as follows:

  • The Web Browser request for a dynamic page
  • The Web Server receives the request for for dynamic page
  • The Web Server examines the page, finds out that it has dynamic content and then passes it on to the Application Server
  • If the page does not contain database access code, the Application Server processes tha page and sends back an equivalent static page to the Web Server which in turn sends the finished page to the browser
  • If the page contains a database access code, the Application Servr passes the interacts with the Databases Server to provide the required data.
  • The application server processes the page which also contains the required data and passes on to the Web Server and on to the Databases Server
  • Then Databases Server passes completed page to the browser.

Figure 2 illustrates dynamic page processing without database access.




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