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According to a work carried out by Kindson Munonye in 2015, a web services are services that are made available to users via the web. For instance, services like placing an order for an item, completing registration for admision process into a school, booking for a flight, applying for a job etc are all services. Web services make it possible to carry out this services via the web.

The two types of web services available are:

1. SOAP Web Services
SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol and it the standard for creating web services tha provide output only in xml format. In this web service type, a URL is specified which contains all the service requests. This means that any request for a web service would be directed to this single URL known as and endpoint. In terms of REST web service, a SOAP web service is described as non-RESTful.

1. REST Web Services
REST(Representational State Transfer) Web Service provides an architectural style that provides more functionality than the SOAP web service. Note that REST is not a standard or protocol. We can examine features of REST that makes it more robust than SOAP

  • Use of resource-bases URIs: This allows for entities or resources in the web application to be accessible through definite URSs
  • Use of HTTP Methods: Different HTTP method(GET, POST, DELETE, PUT) is used for corresponding requests types
  • Use of Status Codes: Status codes should be used along with the HTTP response
  • HATEOAS. This stands for Hypermedia As The Engine Of Application State. It means that links are provided in addition to the response to help the user have access to addional informaion

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