May 23, 2024

Azure Machine Learning for Beginners -1 Setting up a Free Workspace

This would be a step by step tutorial on Azure ML.

The interesting things is that, you’ll complete this tutorial with Azure free 1-year subscription!

So let’s get started


Tutorial 1 – Setting Up

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the Free Account at the upper right-corner
  3. Click on the Start Free button
  4. Then in the following page, you can sign in.
  5. Next fill up your details. You will also be require to provide payment details. But don’t worry, they will not charge anything for the free account
  6. If you have completed the above steps, just click on Portal (at upper right corner or visit

At this point, the MS Azure portal opens as shown below:

Microsoft Azure Portal
Microsoft Azure Portal


Tutorial 2 – Creating a Workspace

A workspace is an environment in Azure ML that allows you to create experiments and work with Machine Learning models.

  1. In the menu in the left, Click on All Services
  2. Select AI and Machine Learning to display the items under AI and Machine Learning
  3. Select Machine Learning Studio Workspaces
  4. Click on Add at the upper right.  The dialog box appears as shown below. So you can fill the data\
Studio Workspace Creation
Studio Workspace Creation


  • Fill up the field this way:
  • Workspace name: workspace1
  • Subscription: Free Trial
  • Resource Group: <Create New> resourcegroup1
  • Workspace pricing tier: Standard
  • Web Service Plan: workspace1Plan1
  • Web service pricing tier: S1 Standard Tier


5. Click on Create. After a few seconds, the workspace is created

6. Now go back to Machine Learning Studio Workspaces and you will see a the workspace you created.

7. Click on the name of the workspace. The window below opens up.

Machine Learning Studio Workspace


8. At this point, you can then launch the workspace by clicking on Launch Machine Learning Studio

9. In the next page, click on Sign In

Walla! You will now be redirected to the Machine Learning Studio as shown below.


Azure Machine Learning Studio
Azure Machine Learning Studio


If you got to this point, then congrats! Now you are ready to start creating out experiment and working with ML Model

We’ll talk more about this in Tutorial 3. Also feel free to watch the video if you need more clarification.


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