Dr. Nduka Wonu’s Official Convocation

Dr Nduka Completes His PhD

The Official Convocation Ceremony of the Founder of DATARMATICS will be holding on Saturday, 30th of March 2019 at the convocation arena, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

The Datarmaticians wish to organised and set up a PARTY💃🕺 in honor and recognition of our founding father, Dr. Nduka Wonu, who will be gazetted and awarded a Doctorate Degree in Mathematics Education during the ceremony.

Everyone on this platform is hereby invited to this memorable occasion. Those who 👯🏽👫wish to be part of the ceremony and the HUGE PARTY🍷🥂 should contact the organisers for details.


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Yeah, my Ph.D. Convocation Ceremony and Reception are scheduled to hold on Saturday, 30th of March 2019. The congratulatory messages and support from the Research Scholars on all our online platforms across the globe 🌏give me hope in humanity.

I sincerely thank all Datarmatics Research Scholars for your kind wishes, an avalanche of encomiums, fervent prayers, congratulatory messages, and other special supports. I’m deeply touched by your benevolence such that I sometimes shed tears of joy mingled with the imagination of the awesomeness of God.🙏🏽

I have nothing to give you in return for this kind gesture, but I promise to be more hyperactive 🤺in my collaboration with other scholars to solve your research-related problems and to transform you into vibrant independent researchers and digital research data analysts📊. I’ve realised that any accomplished selfless effort geared towards impacting on the lives of people who need help is an overarching achievement in our earthly existence. We live to change lives!🏇

I feel like an accomplished Scholar when people call to thank us for the research knowledge they have gained from our Datarmatics group discussions. In fact, a lecturer has published a research book from our group discussions. She actually called a Datarmatics group manager asking how she can reference the materials she has been compiling over time. Some scholars neither make comment nor post anything, but they have informed us about how much they are benefiting from the Datarmatics Research Group interactions. Haha, research is our hobby!📈

We have achieved this much because of the collaborative effort of other scholars, 👩🏼‍🎓 Postgraduate Students, 🧙🏼‍♂Doctors and 👑Professors from tertiary institutions across the globe. Your excellence is recognised.
❤ Nduka Wonu, Ph.D.